Joe Kellaway

Weight – 75kg
Height – 6ft
Titles – U21 – 75 kg European bronze medal and current 10k king
Nickname – “Sugarfoot”
Club – Ken-bu-kan
Fav technique – Body Kick

Instagram @joekellaway

Jordan Thomas

Weight- 67kg
Height – 5’9
Title – World & European Champion
Nickname – JT
Club – Kaizen Central
Fav technique – Left Gak

FB/Insta – JordanThomasKarate
Twitter- JThomasKarate

Gavin Bailey

Weight – 67kg
Height – 5ft 10/
Title –
Multiple English & British Champion
Nickname – Ghost
Club – Ken-bu-kan/ WIKF
Fav technique – double (Kizami – Gyaku Chudan)

Instagram @gavindbailey

Alton Brown

Weight – 75kg
Height – 5ft 8
Titles – Attached in profile
Club – Veras Academy & Alton Brown Karate
Fav technique – Double leg sweep

@altonbrownkarate (insta)
@altonbrownathlete (facebook)

Jamaal Otto

Weight: 85kg
Height: 6ft 1
Titles: Junior European Silver & Bronze.
World University Bronze
Club: Uechi-Ryu London
Fav technique: Left Gyak.

@jamaalottokarate (facebook)

Johny Gilmour

Weight: 75kg
Height: 6ft
Titles: European bronze medalist, British and Scottish champion
Nickname: Johny “the iceman” Gilmour
Club: Shitokai Scotland
Fav technique: Front hand – Kizami

Full time Student, job – bartender, Hobbies- training and spending time with my team, listening to music

Instagram – johnygilmour
Facebook – johny Gilmour
Snapchat – johny_gilmour

Rene Smaal

Weight – 84kg
Height – 183 cm
Titles – European champion
Nickname – “White Tiger”
Club – Rene Smaal Karate
Fav technique – Ura maswashi geri

Devante Walters

Weight- 84
Height – 6’3
Title – England team
Nickname – Dev
Club – Kazoku/Biko
Fav technique – kazami/gyaku

Instagram – @Dev2me
Twitter @DeVante2youu

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